Coming Soon – ISLAND OF FEAR – The next Alex Swan Mystery

Alex Swan returns in his most deadliest mystery yet!

It is the summer of 1974 and Swan and his Services Investigations Department colleague, Arthur Gable will find themselves embroiled in a deepening political crisis that will become a backdrop to a deceptive act of war.

Not only does the action take place on the beautiful island of Cyprus, but Swan will also find himself in Portugal and Washington DC as he seeks to expose the perpetrators before they can carry out their deadly scheme.

In the true tradition of the previous Alex Swan Mystery novels, this story will combine true historic events with intriguing action-packed fictional drama as the two SID men are called into investigate a brutal murder in a London hotel, leading them on the trail of a notorious international female assassin known as The Praying Mantis.

Who has hired her and what is the true purpose for this killing?

What is the connection between the assassination and an old abandoned British military aircraft at Nicosia International Airport, that holds the balance of the future Middle East, somewhere inside the cockpit?

Check out the working scene board on my writing page for a sneak peak into the first half of this exciting new Alex Swan Mystery!

Island of Fear is due for release in the Spring.

Wings of Death – Nominated for a Readers Choice Award in the Thriller category.


I’m so excited, because my first Alex Swan Mystery, Wings of Death has just been nominated for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards! Please vote for it at

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Vote for your favorite book in the 2017 Readers Choice Awards by TCK Publishing. Voting is open until December 10, 2017.


Announcing SWANGRAMS – The official blog site for Alex Swan Mysteries

Announcing the launch of the official Alex Swan Mysteries blog site SWANGRAMS. The blogs will focus on the writing and settings for the stories, as well as some personal stuff regarding research trips and ideas for future novels in the series. I might even publish extracts to wet your appetites for further reading.
For my blog site visit:

Announcing a new publisher for The Alex Swan Mysteries


The Alex Swan Mysteries are moving to a new publishing house. Based in London, Endeavour Media are the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. They have had a great deal of success in bringing out, promoting and selling ebook editions of works by new authors as well as bringing out ebook editions of out of print books. A number of their books have reached the Top 50 in the Amazon Kindle chart and #1 in their respective charts.
Endeavour are particularly strong at promoting and selling crime fiction, thrillers, historical fiction so are an ideal platform for The Alex Swan Mystery series.
Falling Star will be launched in 2017 and Endeavour will also re-launch The Silver Angel under the new title ‘Wings of Death’ on the same day and will be available as both e-book and as Print on Demand through Amazon and other e-book on-line retailers.
This is an exciting venture for the Alex Swan Mystery novels which will look to continue with the planned future stories in the series.

For further information on Endeavour Media

COUNTDOWN TO TERROR – The New Alex Swan Mystery

Introducing the latest Alex Swan Mystery thriller
Available soon

Amid the legion of German rocket scientists and engineers, captured after the war in Europe, lurk members of a secret Nazi order. Their mission: to strike at the heart of post-war rocket programmes of the United States, USSR and Great Britain.
It is now 1969, and on the bank of the River Thames in London, an ex-Nazi rocket scientist, now working at a top secret rocket test site on the Isle of Wight, is left dying after being shot.
During their enquiries, ex MI5 officer: Alex Swan and his former Scotland Yard detective associate: Arthur Gable, discover a plot to sabotage Britain’s first satellite launch vehicle: Black Arrow.
However, could it be possible that this is not the only current space programme, of which the The Onyx Cross have set their destructive intentions?