ISLAND OF FEAR – Cyprus 1974

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It is the Summer of 1974 and war is raging in Cyprus as Turkish forces invade the island.

In London, former MI5 officer Alex Swan and ex-Scotland Yard detective, Arthur Gable investigate the brutal murder of a senior ranking RAF officer in a hotel room which from a message left on the wall, appears to be the work of the Greek Cypriot terrorist organisation EOKA B.

However, Swan thinks there is something familiar about the nature of this killing having all the trademarks used by a professional female assassin known as the Praying Mantis.

At Nicosia International Airport, the crew of an RAF Shackleton aircraft are intercepted by Turkish paratroopers. On board is a special envoy of the Foreign Office on his way to deliver a secret document to the commander of the Sovereign Base Areas.

As Swan and Gable hunt for the killer, they soon unravel a deadly plot involving top people of different governments. A plot which could change the face of the Middle East forever.

What is this document that is so sensitive, had to be hidden aboard the old plane and what is the connection to a mercenary unit led by an ex-SAS sergeant, and a rogue decommissioned American submarine, heading for Cypriot waters?

Island of Fear is an edge of the seat mystery thriller that will throw Swan and Gable of the Services Investigations Department into a political arena where ruthless players are competing for the highest of stakes.

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