An Alex Swan Mystery Novella

Published 16th May 2022

A Baptism of Terror!

August 1961 – The recent construction of the Berlin Wall have brought tensions between the East and West to boiling point. A launch pad fire at a Thor Inter Range Ballistic Missile base in Lincolnshire, leads ex-MI5 Officer, Alex Swan and his associate, Arthur Gable, a former Scotland Yard detective to investigate into a mysterious death of an RAF policeman found at the scene. Meanwhile, the deployment of the American-built missiles continue to be protested by anti-nuclear group, Action 500 led by its religious leader Reverend Trevor Peach. Alongside Peach, is Derek Randall a former Oxford graduate chemist who is determined to do what it takes to have the missiles removed and sent back to the United States. But when this endeavour means rendering a vast area of the north of England radioactive for the foreseeable future, Swan and Gable’s first assignment in their role as case officers for the recently-formed Services Investigations Department have them facing the nightmare of a nuclear catastrophe. Joining forces with CIA agent, Clinton Sanger, Swan and Gable soon discover that the influences of Action 500 are being driven by an even deadlier foe – a foe who could compromise the defence of the realm, altering the course of the Cold War and who will take them from the flatlands of Lincolnshire and across Europe into the heart of the divided German city itself.

Written in the tradition of the classic Cold War spy thriller, Flames of Thunder is an explosive prequel novella to the best-selling Wings of Death, and chronicles Alex Swan and Arthur Gable’s first assignment for the British Ministry of Defence’s Services Investigations Department.

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