Author Page – David Holman


Hello and welcome to the time of Alex Swan. A time when any cracks found in the Berlin Wall would just be filled in again. My debut novel and the first of my Alex Swan Mystery thrillers is Wings of Death. Set in 1965 in uncertain times, when the need to produce weapons of war outweighed anything else. It assigns Alex Swan of the MOD’s Services Investigations Department, on a case to investigate the accidental death of a promising young apprentice designer at Brinton Aviation, a company that also happen to be producing the next generation of warplane for the RAF. Swan and has associate ex-Scotland Yard detective, Arthur Gable soon discover that the death of the apprentice, was only the beginning of a series of events centred around this state of the art strike aircraft.

I have been writing aviation-related articles for various publications since 2005, For the day job, I am a lecturer of English at a college in Kent where I have also written a range of in house publications for them. In 2013, I embarked on a project that combined that knowledge which became The Alex Swan Mysteries.

When I am not writing, I enjoy time with my family, taking my two dogs, Sam and Marley for long walks around my home in the woods and fields in the picturesque As an author, I enjoy reading with thriller and adventure the top of my list by such writers as Clive Cussler, Frederick Forsyth, PD James and the master John Le Carre. I also from time to time like to re-visit the classics, with Dumas, Verne and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle among my true favourites for escapism. My biggest break was securing the deal with Endeavour Press and both novels are available on Amazon. I am currently writing my third book in the series.