A new Alex Swan Mystery

It is 1980 and Soviet forces continue to struggle against the Mujaradeen in Afghanistan while London has just seen the end to the Iranian embassy siege.

An incident on a military range in Dorset, leads Ministry of Defence  trouble shooter, Alex Swan and his Service Investigation team having to join forces with the Israeli Intelligence Service, Mossad, to track down a notorious Palestinian terrorist known as the Sand Rat.

Swan is also on his own mission – to expose the fabled RED LION, a long-serving traitor operating within the high echelons of the British security services before they defect to Moscow – an act Swan must prevent at all costs.

Could this really be the last of the KGB moles lurking within the realms of Britain’s defence network?

Tracks of Betrayal is published by Rapier Books on Kindle and in paperback

Available now on Amazon of Betrayal: An Alex Swan Mystery Book #5 eBook: Holman, David : Kindle Store

Check out the book trailer here:

Tracks of Betrayal trailer – YouTube

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