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Contrail of Vengeance

A New Alex Swan Mystery

A Deadly Weapon in a Deadly Conflict!

May 1982 – In the South Atlantic, a British Task Force heads to the Falkland Islands to liberate them from occupation from Argentine forces.

On the Channel Island of Guernsey, the suspicious death of a writer leads Ministry of Defence troubleshooter, Alex Swan, uncovering a sinister plot involving a secret terror weapon excavated from an old bunker on the neighboring island of Alderney intended, for use by the Nazis at the end of World War 2.

After learning that it is on its way by submarine to a villa in Uruguay, Swan assigns his Services Investigations Department case officers, Andrew Gable and Sophie Lewis to work alongside Uruguayan Intelligence to intercept it before it can be moved across the border to Argentina for use against British troops.

What Swan does not know – is he will soon find himself up against an old adversary with the quest of revenge still very much their prime objective!

Contrail of Vengeance will be published in the Autumn.


An Alex Swan Mystery Novella

Published 16th May 2022

A Baptism of Terror!

August 1961 – The recent construction of the Berlin Wall have brought tensions between the East and West to boiling point. A launch pad fire at a Thor Inter Range Ballistic Missile base in Lincolnshire, leads ex-MI5 Officer, Alex Swan and his associate, Arthur Gable, a former Scotland Yard detective to investigate into a mysterious death of an RAF policeman found at the scene. Meanwhile, the deployment of the American-built missiles continue to be protested by anti-nuclear group, Action 500 led by its religious leader Reverend Trevor Peach. Alongside Peach, is Derek Randall a former Oxford graduate chemist who is determined to do what it takes to have the missiles removed and sent back to the United States. But when this endeavour means rendering a vast area of the north of England radioactive for the foreseeable future, Swan and Gable’s first assignment in their role as case officers for the recently-formed Services Investigations Department have them facing the nightmare of a nuclear catastrophe. Joining forces with CIA agent, Clinton Sanger, Swan and Gable soon discover that the influences of Action 500 are being driven by an even deadlier foe – a foe who could compromise the defence of the realm, altering the course of the Cold War and who will take them from the flatlands of Lincolnshire and across Europe into the heart of the divided German city itself.

Written in the tradition of the classic Cold War spy thriller, Flames of Thunder is an explosive prequel novella to the best-selling Wings of Death, and chronicles Alex Swan and Arthur Gable’s first assignment for the British Ministry of Defence’s Services Investigations Department.

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Flames of Thunder : An Alex Swan Mystery eBook : Holman, David: Kindle Store


A new Alex Swan Mystery

It is 1980 and Soviet forces continue to struggle against the Mujaradeen in Afghanistan while London has just seen the end to the Iranian embassy siege.

An incident on a military range in Dorset, leads Ministry of Defence  trouble shooter, Alex Swan and his Service Investigation team having to join forces with the Israeli Intelligence Service, Mossad, to track down a notorious Palestinian terrorist known as the Sand Rat.

Swan is also on his own mission – to expose the fabled RED LION, a long-serving traitor operating within the high echelons of the British security services before they defect to Moscow – an act Swan must prevent at all costs.

Could this really be the last of the KGB moles lurking within the realms of Britain’s defence network?

Tracks of Betrayal is published by Rapier Books on Kindle and in paperback

Available now on Amazon of Betrayal: An Alex Swan Mystery Book #5 eBook: Holman, David : Kindle Store

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Available Now! The Alex Swan Mysteries Omnibus Edition Boxed Set

A blend of classic espionage fiction combined with factual historic events of the Cold War, the first three Alex Swan mysteries can now be read in this amazing box set.

Wings of Death – It is 1965 and the Cold War is raging.

Alex Swan investigates the suspicious death of a young apprentice aircraft designer at a factory producing Britain’s latest state-of- the-art warplane, uncovering a secret society dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Countdown to Terror – It is 1969 and there is a race to place a man on the moon’s surface.

The murder of a German rocket scientist working on Britain’s satellite launcher, Black Arrow, sparks off a series of events leading Alex Swan on the trail of a secret Nazi organisation who have saboteurs strategically placed within the space programmes of the superpowers.

Island of Fear – It is summer 1974 and Turkish forces have invaded Cyprus following a coup.

A top ranking RAF officer is brutally murdered in a London hotel and Alex Swan suspects it to be the work of Cypriot terrorist organisation, EOKA-B, while on that same morning, an ageing RAF Shackleton aircraft lands at Nicosia International Airport with a passenger carrying a highly-sensitive document that could threaten NATO-s Southern Flank and the stability in the Middle East.

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Out Now! – The new Alex Swan Thriller

A Deadly Deception!

It is the Summer of 1974 and war is raging in Cyprus as Turkish forces invade the island.

In London, former MI5 officer Alex Swan and ex-Scotland Yard detective, Arthur Gable investigate the brutal murder of a senior ranking RAF officer in a hotel room which from a message left on the wall, appears to be the work of the Greek Cypriot terrorist organisation EOKA B.

As Swan and Gable hunt for the killer, they soon unravel a deadly plot involving top people of different governments. A plot which could change the face of the Middle East forever.

Island of Fear is an edge of the seat mystery thriller that will throw Swan and Gable of the Services Investigations Department into a political arena where ruthless players are competing for the highest of stakes.

Island of Fear is published on Amazon in Kindle and paperback by Endeavour Media

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