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Contrail of Vengeance

A New Alex Swan Mystery

A Deadly Weapon in a Deadly Conflict!

May 1982 – In the South Atlantic, a British Task Force heads to the Falkland Islands to liberate them from occupation from Argentine forces.

On the Channel Island of Guernsey, the suspicious death of a writer leads Ministry of Defence troubleshooter, Alex Swan, uncovering a sinister plot involving a secret terror weapon excavated from an old bunker on the neighboring island of Alderney intended, for use by the Nazis at the end of World War 2.

After learning that it is on its way by submarine to a villa in Uruguay, Swan assigns his Services Investigations Department case officers, Andrew Gable and Sophie Lewis to work alongside Uruguayan Intelligence to intercept it before it can be moved across the border to Argentina for use against British troops.

What Swan does not know – is he will soon find himself up against an old adversary with the quest of revenge still very much their prime objective!

Contrail of Vengeance will be published in the Autumn.