The final act of a traitor can be the deadliest of all!

It is 1980. Soviet forces continue to struggle against the Mujahideen in Afghanistan while London has just seen the end to the much- televised Iranian Embassy siege.
An incident on a military range in Dorset, leads Ministry of Defence trouble shooter, Alex Swan and his team of officers of the Services Investigations Department on the trail of a stolen top-secret targeting system codenamed: DEERSTALKER. Further incidents occur and SID have to join forces with the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, to track down a notorious Palestinian terrorist-for-hire known as the Sand Rat.
Swan is also on his own mission-to expose the fabled RED LION, a long-serving traitor operating in the high-echelons of the British security services and someone who he has worked with for years. With the recent well-publicised revelation of another Soviet spy still very raw with the U.K Government, Swan must tread carefully to bring this traitor to justice before they defect to Moscow, taking with them secrets which could compromise every current operation within the corridors of MI5 and MI6, rendering the functions of both services obsolete and discredited with international partners – an act which Swan must prevent at all costs. But, could this really be the last of the KGB moles lurking within the realms of Britain’s defence network?
Paying homage to the classic fast-paced spy adventures of Frederick Forsyth, Jack Higgins and Craig Thomas, Tracks of Betrayal, will have readers plunging into the clandestine world of former MI5 officer Alex Swan, as he undertakes his most challenging and most sensitive case yet.