Research Summer

Summer is almost here and holiday time beckons. I will be heading to the Isle of Wight and to the Needles Batteries of which the old rocket site at High Down, features in the first part of my second novel in the Alex Swan Mystery series: Countdown to Terror. I have put aside my research for my third novel, so that I can concentrate on this over the long break, armed with my subject specific non-fiction books and my chosen fiction for the themes which I will be featuring in the new novel. My trusty writing case will also be accompanying me so that I can make those crucial notes and chapter plans ready for a September kick-off with the manuscript.
I find that when I’m out and about like this, my imagination runs riot with ideas for either this novel or future novels in the series
I will also be visiting Dover Castle as I have decided to include a scene that includes a chase through the labyrinth of underground tunnels there.