COUNTDOWN TO TERROR – The New Alex Swan Mystery

Introducing the latest Alex Swan Mystery thriller
Available soon

Amid the legion of German rocket scientists and engineers, captured after the war in Europe, lurk members of a secret Nazi order. Their mission: to strike at the heart of post-war rocket programmes of the United States, USSR and Great Britain.
It is now 1969, and on the bank of the River Thames in London, an ex-Nazi rocket scientist, now working at a top secret rocket test site on the Isle of Wight, is left dying after being shot.
During their enquiries, ex MI5 officer: Alex Swan and his former Scotland Yard detective associate: Arthur Gable, discover a plot to sabotage Britain’s first satellite launch vehicle: Black Arrow.
However, could it be possible that this is not the only current space programme, of which the The Onyx Cross have set their destructive intentions?

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